We are a unique resource designed to connect die hard music listeners to talented artists who are making both major and independent moves in order to become the next big sound. Juss Russ Radio takes pride in curating ear friendly playlists built for an easy listening experience great for any occasion.

In our short existence we have become known for being one of the top resources to discover new artists before they make it big. Here at Juss Russ Radio we have an ear for sound and love getting feedback from our loyal listeners in order to make even better playlists for those much needed music moments in life. 

Juss Russ Radio was founded by record company BTRU Entertainment in 2007 and became known under the umbrella "Juss Russ Radio," after a partnership was made with Juss Russ Digital Marketing in 2014. In 2015, both parties signed an exclusive two year deal with a company called Artist Sounds


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