MIXTAPES: A Cure For Wellness by BTRU Entertainment

Check out this new mixtape that just released on Spinrilla titled 'A Cure For Wellness" mixtape by BTRU Entertainment. After waiting almost a year to release some new material, the crew is back and their better proving they have what it takes to be a future force. Get the 'A Cure For Wellness' mixtape mp3 download in one place and that's on 'Spinrilla'. It's safe to say that the BTRU Entertainment crew has been hard at work preparing to make some major moves starting with popular releases on to platforms like Soundcloud, Spinrilla and Spotify as they continue their mission to expose the world to the sound of what they call "The Underdogs". On Twitter, the official page for BTRU Entertainment made a tweet that stated "We ain't even pushed on the gas yet... but we will soon". About a week after this tweet "A Cure For Wellness Mixtape" dropped with little to no announcement. 

BTRU Entertainment follows up their successful mixtape debut "What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky," with a highly anticipated mixtape titled "A Cure For Wellness". The name of the mixtape serves as an analogy to how one might assume that the characteristics of someone who isn't well (is one who chooses to give up on their passions). Hence, the cure for wellness (BTRU Entertainment believes) would be the opposite which is following your dreams, protecting your heart and staying true to your passions simultaneously. This mixtape serves a purpose of encouraging other like-minded individuals to follow their own unique goals leading to the one true cure for wellness.