Today, BRXTN shares his latest studio project on Spinrilla, making this his third studio project in less than a year. Probably not his longest project of all time but his precise lyrics, serenading productions make it all worth the listen. Fall Flavors, is a five track project consisting of the following tracks: 1. Wake Em' Up. 2. Na Na Na. 3. Reassurance. 4. The Program. 5. Poi$on. After listening through the entire project 'twice' our favorite in the office is definitely 'Reassurance.' It boasts smooth vocals from Brxtn that are embedded with honest lyrics from a guy asking for confirmation from his potential lady that she will still want him when he enters the music game. This track has the remedy for the whole nine yards 'radio play,' 'official music video' and would make a great addition to a live set from the kid. Now don't get it twisted, Brxtn delivers the soul in 'Fall Flavors' but he didn't forget about the trap in singles like 'The Program and Poi$on.' All in all, the Fall Flavors EP by Brxtn is a beautiful addition to his list of studio projects and confirms his ability to entertain his growing audience (which is blowing up as of 2016). Our overall consensus is that a download is a must and right now you can only download this entire project 'exclusively' on the official music website: brxtnmusic.com.