For Now EP by BRXTN

Have you heard the For Now EP by BRXTN released early January 2016. The latest hype out of Louisville, KY since Bryson Tiller is an artist with a slightly similar name called BRXTN. Despite both their names starting with a "B," the two artists are incredibly different. BRXTN seems to stick more to his R&B roots, while fellow hometown artist Bryson Tiller has gone the hip hop route. After listening to the first few songs on the For Now EP, the team here at Juss Russ Radio was very impressed. Having already gone three songs in, there were already "future hits" discovered like 502 and Broadway.  After doing a little more research, BRXTN has additionally shared an official video for the single Broadway on YouTube. Visuals shot by Roman Lane Visuals, the video is very high quality and anyone can see it taking the artist to new heights as he dances alone in the streets of Broadway in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Start getting familiar with this fresh new artist out of a city that seems to be making more than just a name for itself. Learn more about BRXTN on his official music website.


Artist Sounds

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