Chase Heinze - Money x Time

chaseheinze moneyxtime

Take a listen to Money x Time by Chase Heinze on Juss Russ Radio. Chase Heinze made his debut on to Juss Russ Radio with the release of his breakout single 'Pretty Lady'. Since then the young recording artist has dropped two official EP's w/ (Songs About Her/Summertime Thing) and even did a popular cover to the single 'Redemption' by Drake. Its safe to say that Chase Heinze hasn't let his foot up off the gas and doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. It seems he has been making all the right moves as of late and it leaves us excited for the progression and things to come in the new year. 'Money x Time' could very well be (knowing Chase Heinze) the first single to hype up a new project of sorts! Maybe a mixtape? Stay tuned for the latest buzz on Chase Heinze right here on Juss Russ Radio.