Chase Heinze - Pretty Lady

Pretty Lady by Chase Heinze Cover Art

Listen to Pretty Lady by Chase Heinze on Juss Russ Radio. Chase Heinze makes his debut with new a hit song uploaded on Soundcloud. Pretty Lady is one of the most impressive tracks we have run across so far early in 2016. It incorporates intrinsic R&B sounds of the new generation, while flaunting suddle roots of old skool rnb over "Noah 40 Shebib" style beats. Thats probably one of the best ways to explain, but it's even clearer to make the statement that Chase Heinze music has an original feel of it's own. Pretty Lady is the debut single from BTRU Entertainment artist Chase Heinze so his following is still growing, but Chase Heinze is an artist to get familiar with in 2016. Connect with the official Chase Heinze on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud. You can also learn more about Pretty Lady by Chase Heinze on Artist Sounds.


Artist Sounds

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