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We love our indie artists and take pride in being one of few internet music providers that ensures that each song presented to our audiences goes through a rigorous quality inspection. This inspection involves previewing the track, cover art and artist/song bio which must be provided by the artist who owns the rights to the original content. We do not accept submissions that relate or involve copy-written images or audio. With such a rigorous process it has been beneficial in ensuring the best songs but time consuming. Accepting free submissions from both listeners and artists alike combined with the fact that we receive an upwards of 118 new song or video submissions daily, our staff tends to sometimes miss or overlook submissions. Below we have initiated a 72 hour submission process that's perfect for our artists with time sensitive releases and want to avoid the overcrowded slower music submission process. Please note: you can still submit your music to Juss Russ Radio and other music blogs via Juss Russ Digital Marketing here.

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