24Kay x Krazy Quis - 24KQayse (Mixtape)


Check out the new mixtape dropping soon called “24KQayse” by a couple of talented artist known as 24Kay and Krazy Quis. Coming out of North Charleston, South Carolina the duo looks to turn heads in the music industry with there new mixtape. This highly anticipated mixtape is already gaining attention. 24Kay spits the clever and original bars while Krazy Quis makes the perfect beat to rap to, this is really a dynamic duo as they raise the bar for future artist. Rumor is that they are working on another project right now as we speak, with that being said we can say these two artist are really dedicated to there craft. You don't want to sleep on this mixtape, this is one of those tapes that you just let play through because every song is good. Go to Spinrilla.com to listen or for free download.