7ELIX - Apart

Take a moment to listen to the song ‘Apart’ by 7elix and LeGacy on Juss Russ Radio. 7elix and LeGacy both make their debut on Juss Russ Radio with an edgy yet smooth new record. According to 7elix: this song was written about heartbreak. Have you ever loved someone to the point that you would give everything up for them? You would give all your money away, all your belongings, even your life for them? Did that person drop you off the side of the planet and leave you to dry? This song is for all of you. I'm a 19 year old producer from Asheville, North Carolina. I've been producing music for 7 years now and I just recently - within the last year - started rapping. I started rapping due to my severe depression - i needed an outlet that was better than self-harming and drugs. Music came to my aid when I needed it the most. Alongside I on this song is my brother LeGacy. He's from Asheville as well and he's been rapping since the 3rd grade. Dont' sleep on this song or these artists - be sure to connect with them on SoundCloud for new music and releases.