AB - Money Hungry


Listen to this new song called “Money Hungry” by AB. AB is a very talented artist from Tampa, Florida making his mark on the scene with his new single “Money Hungry”.  The song ''Money Hungry" is a fun bouncy song you can smoke too, listen to in the car with your friends, get lit at a party and honestly just produces a happy, motivating mood. The hook includes terms like, running running, which is actually a reference to the Puerto Rican slang "runner" that means to transport "goods" to different locations. The "Money Hungry" reference is pretty self-explanatory as it is just another way to express being money motivated. The verses are pertaining to being focused on your goals, which is money in this case, celebrating your accomplishments, in this case, it's winning a legal trial, and celebrating with your intimate loved one. In the second verse the terms "running running" refers to not giving up on your goals. The second verse promotes eliminating small dreams and encouraging yourself to go for the highest aspirations you have and more.  to follow and hear more song by AB simply click the link above.