Ace Don feat. Suicide Child- Come N Ride (Official Video)

Check out the video “Come N Ride” by a smooth artist known as Ace Don feat. Suicide Child. Born in the 80s Ace Don who’s real name is Michael Underwood is coming out of Boston Massachusetts and has been into music his entire life. Ace performed for his first time at a talent show at only the young age of seven years old. He performed Will Smith's aka The Fresh Prince hit song ( Parents Just Don't Understand) and ending up winning the contest. His whole life he has loved music and has been dedicated to writing and creating his own original sound. Ace instantly fell in love with the recording process in 1999 when he recorded his first track in a friends basement. The video "Come N Ride" has a feel good vibe and all around just makes you want to have a good time. Listen to "Come N Ride" by Ace Don feat. Suicide Child now by just clicking the link above.