AJ From The 9 - Need A Bag

Stream “Need A Bag” by AJ From The 9 on Juss Russ Radio. Everybody needs some money and everybody swears up and down that they’re getting to the bag. That may be all talk in the context of some folks, maybe even most, but it certainly isn’t for up and coming emcee, AJ From the 9. The emerging wordsmith hopped on SoundCloud to debut his latest single entitled “Need A Bag” which is a vibrant and bass-heavy jam that’s devoted solely to the concept of “chasing the bag”. A common phrase made most popular in Hip-Hop culture that has single handedly set a new theme and motion in the game. AJ From The 9 keeps things sauced up throughout this entire joint as he allows his personality alongside the bangin’ production to set the tone and inspirational hustler’s anthem designed for the turn up. If you enjoy the type of Hip-Hop that makes you wanna get up and hustle, make something out of nothing…then you need to stop playing yourself and tap in with AJ From The 9. Stream “Need A Bag” by AJ From The 9 now on Juss Russ Radio and don’t forget to give him that follow on SoundCloud.