aka Black - Misogyny

Stream “Misogyny” by aka Black on Juss Russ Radio. Emerging Hip-Hop artist, aka Black dropped in with the release of his new single entitled “Misogyny” recently via SoundCloud. SoundCloud has been the primary method for release for this rising emcee, and it has proven to be successful for him thus far. Aka Black is a part of the new age slew of artists that have been able to take advantage of free platforms such as SoundCloud in order to market his music and connect with listeners worldwide. “Misogyny” sets up to be one of the more moody and emotional songs in Aka Black’s catalog, as he scratches the surface on the issues he has been dealing with in his most current relationship. As an artist, Aka Black has built a reputation for his heart wrenching lyrics, and uncanny lyrical ability when it comes to his songwriting. His music often touches on very relatable issues that allow listeners to gravitate toward his sound almost immediately, which typically leads to their full on conversion to fandom. Follow Aka Black on SoundCloud if you’d like to hear more tunes from the up and coming emcee. Stream “Misogyny” now by Aka Black on Juss Russ Radio.