akathelonewolf - smiled at the funeral


Take a listen to smiled at the funeral by akathelonewolf on Juss Russ Radio! akathelonewolf is a Hip-Hop artist coming to us from sunny Atlanta, Georgia. What started off as a hobby, just writing music for fun has transformed into a empire. He use to rap battle on the bus after school, now he is in the studio and releasing songs to thousands. He taught himself how to mix and master vocals. He edits his own videos and makes his own cover art. Bringing something new to the table, he incorporates horror movies and that may rub off in his videos. His process has just begun, so be on the look out for more very soon. This project is designed to make you feel like being alone was the best choice you ever made. Sometimes the best solution to any problem may not be the ideal one. It's the choice that most people don't make that can lead to success. Watch out folks, Georgia has a star on their hands. Follow him on Soundcloud to keep up with this cat.