Alan Love - What's Love

Alan Love

Take a listen to What's Love by Alan Love on Juss Russ Radio. Alternative rap artist Alan Love decided to release a smooth new cut titled What's Love. Pushing beautiful melodies and blending in some pretty intricate flows, Alan Love certainly has a vibe of his own and is certainly pushing to separate himself from the pack. Starting out as a basketball player, Alan learned early on the importance of hard work and applies the same mentality to music. We all have love for several different things whether it's a person, something materialistic and/or the love for life itself. But in this particular case, Alan Love expresses a common situation in which many of us have experienced. In this case, Alan Love enters a 'no strings attached' friendship with someone who over time expects more from him as if the two are supposed to be in love at some point. In response to these feelings Alan replies 'what's love got to do with it?' Catch this new song and more from Alan Love on Soundcloud.