Alan Marshall - List Hitter

Take a listen to “List Hitter” by Alan Marshall on Juss Russ Radio. Alan Marshall is an aspiring Trap Rapper currently residing in Palm Springs. He has built a reputation for pushing a brand of Trap music that illustriously combines elements of the EDM and Dancehall to curate a unique sound of his own. His newest single “List Hitter” released not too long ago on SoundCloud for free streaming and since then has generated a nice buzz for the up and comer. “List Hitter” is an abstract-style Trap production that is driven more by the instrumentation than it is the vocals of Alan Marshall. This record is full of energy and contains enough bass to jump start your day no matter the circumstance. If you’re into the more dynamic and eclectic Trap sound then Alan Marshall is definitely an artist you need to add into your daily rotation as the majority of his music is based within that realm of Hip-Hop and Rap. It is for these reasons also, that Alan has been able to stay consistent in separating himself from the pack of other artists who always dabble in this lane of music which is vital in this era due to the over saturation of artists within the Hip-Hop market as a whole. Stream “List Hitter” by Alan Marshall now on Juss Russ Radio and be sure to give a quick follow on SoundCloud to stay in the loop for his upcoming releases!