ALBY SOUND - Murality (Album)


Take a few minutes and listen to this new album called “Murality” by Alby Sound. Alby Sound is a class act from Rodeo, California shaking things up with his new album.  On this project "Murality" Alby Sound brings some trap, soul, jazz and even a hint of Spanish to the table.  Every type of food needs seasoning to taste proper and Alby Sound is the chef when it comes to the production of this project.  Live instruments, 808's, infectious hooks and everything you need for a solid album.  Alby Sound is like a cross between Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper. Alby crafts his tracks to take the listener on a journey of the human condition.  Click the link above to follow this rising start on SoundCloud, and hear this "Murality" album on ITunes.