Alex Anonny - The Delorean


Take a moment to listen to the new song from Alex Anonny called ‘The Delorean’, on Juss Russ Radio. Alex Anonny shows off his lyrical tenacity in his newest release to date. The song boasts an authentic Hip Hop and Rap vibe giving listeners a taste of Hip Hop's origin. Telling stories and delivering relevant bars is what Alex Anonny is known for and current as well as new music fans can expect him to snap on each and every song. This song 'The Delorean' is actually the first single from Alex Annony's debut album 'Don't Miss The Bus' which features 8 tracks of pure greatness. One of the most refreshing things about his music is the fact that it's original and he doesn't sound like he's biting off anyone particular sound.

Artist Sounds

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