Alia Lene - 50X50

Take a listen to “50x50” by Alia Lene on Juss Russ Radio. Alia Lene is here today to debut the release of her newest single, “50x50”. This joint popped up on SoundCloud about a week ago and has had the angelic sensation'‘s name buzzing online since then. Alia Lene has been very smart and creative in her ways of finding new innovative strategies and campaigns to implement into her brand in order to continue to growing her fan base and exposing her music to the world. Her vibe can be described as eclectic and soulful as her vocal tone and inflections really give off the essence of true R&B, except with a more modern appeal. Imagine if Lauryn Hill ever decided to hop on some 808’s and Heartbreak style production, mix in a little splash of Jhenè Aiko, and you’ve gotta well mixed glass of Alia Lene. This description and comparison is not being set out to take away from the originality of the artist, as she is truly a unique spirit that carries her own swagger on the record and off. This was placed before you in order to draw parallels and give you some sort of idea of what kind of music to expect from this rising R&B sensation. Follow Alia Lene on SoundCloud now if you’d like to hear more music out of the catalog or simply stay in the loop! Stream “50x50” by Alia Lene on Juss Russ Radio.