Alliance of Lionz - Wraith Talk(The Mixtape)

Watch Wraith Talk by Alliance of Lionz on Juss Russ Radio. Alliance of Lionz is a Hip-Hop group making the unexpected happen from Roswell, Georgia. This Mixtape to me is all about mindset, Alliance of Lionz as a group have gone through trials and tribulations, be it women, life, or their music careers. As a group they face each new challenge with optimism, if you believe you can not do something then you will fail. If you believe you are a product of your environment and that you can not change, then you will fail. If you believe women are only out for your money and status then that is all you will attract. It works the same with the great things in life. If you believe you will be successful, do not quit, you will get your break. Keep your mind right. These gentlemen are on their way to stardom, it may not have happened over night, but with their style and message as well as great beat and production, it is just a matter of time. Time is something we all have, don't waste it. Be sure to follow these young men on You Tube for more of the latest and greatest.