Andre - Elephante

Listen to “Elephante” by Andre on Juss Russ Radio. Andre is an emerging Dance artist, that has been making waves and doing his thing early during the year 2019. He recently released a new single on SoundCloud entitled “Elephante”, and this track has had the internet on smash. Featuring his signature up-tempo and ethereal sound, Andre looks to crank up the energy on this joint. “Elephante” is a song that really pulls the daring ambition out of you as listener and keeps your attention for the entire length of the track. The pulse of the bass in combination with the infectious melodies provided by Andre really make this song a whole vibe and hard not too place on repeat. The thing that personally coins Andre as a soon-to-be star in my eyes is his ability to still craft records that have real substance and make you feel something as the listener. Most times in the Dance genre, you hear more Pop sounds and music that is catered to a much more broad audience than genres such as R&B or spoken word. Andre blends those same intimate and soul-wrenching elements into his formula in order to curate Dance and EDM vibes like none you’ve ever heard before. Follow Andre on SoundCloud hear more dope jams from the up and comer. Stream “Elephante” by Andre on Juss Russ Radio.