Andre - Hide And Seek

Stream “Hide and Seek” by Andre on Juss Russ Radio. Andre is a fresh, new Electronic artist on the rise that has been killing the game so far in 2019. He has crafted a formula of releasing music consistently on free streaming services such as SoundCloud in order to build a core base and set a foundation for his brand. Though this is a typical trend and strategy used by many artists today, Andre has found a way to carve his own niche with his listeners through his personality and ability to connect with them on other mediums such as Twitter and Instagram. He knows how to relate to his fans and give them an opportunity to feel like they know him. This allows them to buy into his music even more - making his progression rather seamless from the outside looking in. Speaking of looking, “Hide and Seek” is one of Andre’s more atmospheric and moody productions, that is sure to encourage some deep-thinking as well as some deep, bass-rocking vibrations. Follow Andre on SoundCloud to hear more music from the up and coming Electronic artist! Stream “Hide and Seek” by Andre now on Juss Russ Radio.