Annie Lee Evans & James Heath - Blue Christmas

Take a listen to the Blue Christmas (Cover) by Annie Lee Evans and James Heath on Juss Russ Radio. Annie Lee Evans is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Huntington Beach, California. Always loving to sing, Annie Lee started classical vocal lessons from age 9. Approaching her teenage years Annie Lee discovered her passion for other genres of music such as blues, country, jazz and pop. Some of her influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Shania Twain, and The Dixie Chicks. Annie Lee Evans moved to Brighton at age 18 completing a Diploma course at the British Irish Institute of Modern Music receiving a double distinction grade. Annie Lee is currently pursuing her music career, gigging and filming DIY music videos for her youtube channel and producing recordings of some of her favorite songs as well as working on her original music which she plans to release in 2017. 

James Heath is a 23 year old singer, songwriter and guitarist who grew up in Wokingham, England. At a young age, James took an interest in guitar and rock music. Playing in various bands throughout his childhood and high school as well as performing in musicals, James knew music was what he wanted to do. James began to find joy in songwriting and started writing an abundance of original music in the styles of Rock and Pop. James attended Reading College in Reading, England for 2 years receiving a Distinction grade in Music Performance. James went on to university in Brighton attending the British Irish Modern Music Institute. At university James studied Guitar and graduated in 2016 receiving his Bachelors Degree in Music. James spent his summer of 2016 in Los Angeles, working on his originals music and gigging throughout Southern California. James recently released his debut single and music video “California Girl” in November and is currently working on releasing more of his original music with his band. You can catch new songs from both recording artist when you connect with them on social media and YouTube.