Ateo Feo - Happy Healthy Vegan Gains (Music Video)

Take a moment to listen to ‘Happy Healthy Gains’ by Ateo Feo on Juss Russ Radio. Ateo Feo is a talented entertainer shedding light on the Vegan way. "Happy Healthy Vegan Gains" by Ateo Feo is a song about Veganism. Ateo Feo used to eat animal products and consume dairy until he started to research the effects of animal products. Consuming dairy and consuming animal products increases the likelihood of getting type 2 diabetes, various types of cancers, and heart disease. It also contributes greatly to global warming which is a serious problem around the world. In America, heart disease is the #1 cause of death. The only diet that can reduce the chance of getting heart disease is a VEGAN DIET! Vegan diets are free from dietary cholesterol and many peer reviewed studies have shown that oil free, plant based vegan diets can reverse heart disease. MAKE SOME HAPPY HEALTHY VEGAN GAINS WITH ATEO FEO & GO VEGAN!