Ateo Feo - Knock Knock

Stream “Knock Knock” by Ateo Feo on Juss Russ Radio. Emerging Pop artist on the rise, Ateo Feo is back with a vibrant new record to spark up the buzz around his name in 2019. His new single entitled “Knock Knock” released recently on Spotify and has been doing solid numbers considering how fresh of an artist he is. Ateo Feo has been able to capitalize on the existence of these new platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music by finding innovative ways to market and connect with music listeners worldwide. Sonically, Ateo Feo likes to work with more experimental sounding production all whilst still honing in on melodies that are both easy to listen to as well as easy to remember. He is not the type of artist that sets out to change your life with his music, but rather the type of artist that creates with the intent of giving you a fun and enjoyable soundtrack to live your life too. “Knock Knock” represents this perfects as the abstract production and lyrical cadence that Ateo incorporates into this record is sure to grab ears immediately. Take some time to follow the emerging Pop artist, more popularly known as Ateo Feo on Spotify to hear the rest of his tunes. Stream “Knock Knock” by Ateo Feo on Juss Russ Radio now.