Azia Adelle - Stay

Azia Adelle

Listen to Stay by Azia Adelle on Juss Russ Radio. Making her debut on to Juss Russ Radio, Azia Adelle won't be a name you'll want to just quickly glance over. Azia Adelle has a voice that will lead you to believe that one individual could save a genre, but with her new song "Stay," Azia Adelle shows an incredible gift for songwriting, singing and has even perfected the use of her voice as an instrument creating solid vocal melodies and runs that only add to the emotion of this new track. Azia Adelle has already gained steam after being named "Female R&B Artist of the Year," on IndieNation (a blog for indie music). The young singer has been on a mission to say the least, looking to mend hearts with her music and bring back the true sounds of a genre that is currently being infused by hip hop and pop sounds losing a bit of it's roots in the process. Azia Adelle performs Stay which reminds of the serenading angelic vocals of a young Sammy. Stay tuned for new releases by Azia Adelle when you connect with her on her official Soundcloud profile page. Learn more about Stay by Azia Adelle on Artist Sounds.


Artist Sounds

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