Backwood Valley presents "Who You Think You Are"


Stop what you’re doing and stream the song “Who You Think You Are” by Backwood Valley Studios on Juss Russ Radio. The crew over at ‘Backwood Valley’ makes their first appearance on our music blog with a trendy and addictive rap single worth that second listen. For those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘Backwood Valley’ they are a collective that is currently made up of 4 creatives: A D, Lucid Ice, Santos and AreJay make Backwood Valley Studios what it is today. Based in Arizona, Backwood Valley does a great job in this record combining relevant lyrics and a catchy hook to give listeners the best of both worlds. The song “Who You Think You Are” reeks of potential and we can’t wait to see where it ends up in our top charts for its respective genre. Don’t sleep on this song or the artist - you can stream more of their work right now on SoundCloud. This particular record showcases the skills of the artist A D from the Backwood Valley crew.

Artist Sounds

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