Bakess - The Way You Move


Stop what you’re doing and stream a new song from producer ‘Bakess’ called “The Way You Move” on Juss Russ Radio. The producer ‘Bakess’ makes his first appearance on our music blog with a trendy and out of this world take on the song “The Way You Move”. Adding a disco sound to the mix really takes this production to the next level. For this to be the first record we have ever been exposed to by Bakess, we were really impressed with his abilities as a producer to create this sound. You can really tell upon first listen that Bakess is talented and isn’t like the rest of the producers in the industry looking to combine Electronic Music with other genres that don’t add to the genre itself. These two genres blend perfectly and Bakess has a great song on his hands. We can’t wait to see if it ends up in our top charts. One thing we know for sure — is that this won’t be the last time you hear of Bakess.