Bass Bocs - Feels

Bass Bocs Feels

Listen to Feels by Bass Bocs on Juss Russ Radio. Bass Bocs makes his debut on to Juss Russ Radio as an EDM producer, but one with a unique future-bass/future-hop sound. Feels delivers a plethora of solid instruments and sounds that compliment each other and inflict an instant emotion of music you can feel. The breaks are timed perfectly, good usage of vocals versus instrumental and just an incredible production by the young producer of Bass Bocs. Bass Bocs is a production house for key artist Shaun Clifford who creates music and unique sounds based on the emotions he feels. This real sense of emotion is able to be heard throughout his music and productions. Watch out Cashmere, there's a guy by the name of Shaun Clifford with a sound that could really help infuse genres of edm into r&b/hip hop. It will be interesting to see if the producer ever goes this route with his sound. Learn more about Feels by Bass Bocs on Artist Sounds.


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