Black Wolf - All Night

Stream “All Night” by Black Wolf on Juss Russ Radio. Black Wolf is an Australian based producer that says he just “simply enjoys making music”. Whether this guy is in it for the fame and success or just for the sake of his own passion one thing that can’t be denied is his ear for music and his raw talent. He has been rather consistent throughout the last two years offering his listeners eccentric and upbeat EDM-style mixes and productions to live and vibe too. Black Wolf has seamlessly mastered the ability to take acapellas from popular mainstream records and flip them on to more obscure and abstract production to create soundscapes that are truly unique to his sound and style. As a producer, you can tell that he pushes for this originality and individuality — I mean but then again who wants to sound or be compared to someone else when you’re putting all of your time and energy into doing your own thing? So that’s to be expected. Following wise, though Black Wolf isn’t the most aggressive internet marketer in terms of his presence online he has still managed to garner a solid following of 2,000 people via SoundCloud (I’m not sure what his social media numbers look like). This is nothing to fret at when you look at the amount of people who upload tracks to the platform everyday and have still barely rounded up 500 followers. There’s obviously something about Black Wolf’s production style and ways he formulates his music that are resonating with the people. He just has to decide when he wants to kick things into that next gear and I’m almost positive his reach and notoriety would grow exponentially. As long as he’s happy and having fun with the craft, we’re happy for him on this side. Stream the new Black Wolf production “All Night” on Juss Russ Radio and be sure to follow up with him on SoundCloud if you want to here more from the up and comer.