Blizzy Stack$ - All About You

Blizzy Stack$

Listen to All About You by Blizzy Stack$ on Juss Russ Radio! Blizzy Stack$ is a Rap artist making a name for himself out of the city of lights New York City, New York. You want to know what New York sounds like? Bizzy is the embodiment of the New York sound. Leaving the states at just 8, Blizzy lived in Mexico for the next year and a half and quickly learned the lesson of survival of the fittest. Living in Mexico and surrounded by Mexican culture he developed a love for story telling in music at a young age. In 200 he came back to New York where he lived with his aunt because his father could not take hi to live where he lived and his mother was struggling to get back to the U.S.A. As you can see his story is very familiar. These experiences have molded him into the artist he is today, in the powerhouse he is today. Bizzy Stack$ has developed into a lyrical mastermind. He has versatile flows, slick punchlines and he is very gifted in the art of story telling. To hear more from him be sure to connect further by following him on Soundcloud.