Bo40 x Young Honcho - Repo Cypher 2019

Stop what you’re doing and listen to the song “Repo Cypher 2019” by Bo40 x Young Honcho on Juss Russ Radio. Bo40 and Young Honcho teamed up to make a solid Hip Hop record that has plenty of finesse. Bo40 and his longtime rap partner Young Hectic/ Young Honcho have decided to try and release a wave of real music back into the rap game. They don't use any sort of auto-tune with their voices and the raw vocals and emotion put into the song bring back what rap once was before the age of "producing" good rappers rather than displaying raw talent. Bo40 and Young Hectic / Young Honcho are from Chicago and have had a following with the smaller communities outside of the suburbs and inner city. Looking to expand and take their music to the next level — the two rappers won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Don’t sleep on this song or the artists! You can stream more of their work right now on SoundCloud.