Bobolo Turbo - Throw Away

Bobolo Turbo

Lend a ear to Throw Away by Bobolo Turbo on Juss Russ Radio. Bobolo Turbo is a Rap artist from sunny Virginia Beach, Virginia. In the crazy world we live in everything seems to be disposable. Granted some things need to be thrown away. Drug use? Throw It Away. A old cell phone? Throw it away. A relationship that you feel is going no where. Throw it away. It may only be a 2 minute song but he packs a lot of punch in this 2 minutes. Using the free streaming sites such as Soundcloud to branch out and reach more people. Having already gained a following in Virgina, and generating a following on Soundcloud he is sure to be the next best thing. Continue following him to stay up to date with the latest from this talented artist.