Brambient - Blue Tacoma


Take a moment to listen to the cover song ‘Blue Tacoma’ by Brambient on Juss Russ Radio. Brambient is a singer/songwriter from India making his debut on Juss Russ Radio with a trendy new Acoustic record worth that second listen. Brambient is a soulful ambient music brand by Bharathram, an accomplished musician & audio engineer from India's esteemed KM Music Conservatory. Brambient's music is characterized by an unique sound that effortlessly melds elements of ambient, electronic and modern classical. He fell in love with this new country song "Blue Tacoma" the first time he listened to in Billboard charts. Although the song is characterized by a heavy country rock genre, he felt that a softer acoustic version would bring in a different color, but would still tell the same story in a different way. This led him to pick up his guitar and record his version of it in Brambient Studios, India. We love the pristine sounds of the guitar and his voice really does this song justice. Get familiar with this singer and be sure to stream more of his music for free on SoundCloud.

Artist Sounds

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