Brandon Flaherty - A World That Will Never Be

Stop what you’re doing and stream “A World That Will Never Be” by Brandon Flaherty on Juss Russ Radio. We are receiving vibes on vibes on vibes today over here at Juss Russ Radio! This new classic by Brandon Flaherty entitled “A World That Will Never Be” looks to keep that wave rolling as this laid back and groovy jam is relatable and as infectious that you could expect in a record. Now for those of you who are new to our platform or have never heard of Brandon, let me be the first to inform you that this young R&B/Soul sensation has been under the radar for quite sometime now but has really elevated the conversation surrounding his name and music lately through his releases of hits such as “Hate for Love” and “That First Night” which are also available on SoundCloud. Flaherty’s music has found a niche through consistently touching on topics of love, nostalgia, and often times disappointment. All three of these emotions are extremely potent in this day and age between people. We all have something that we’re going through and factors in our lives that make it harder to smile each and everyday. It is important however to always find that silver lining in whatever situation you’re going through and Brandon Flaherty’s music strikes that chord perfectly with each and every release. Take some time today to check him out and make you stream his new single “A World That Will Never Be” on Juss Russ Radio.