Brixx - Twenty-Three

Check out “Twenty-Three” by Brixx on Juss Russ Radio. Brixx is an up and coming Alternative Rock musician from the West Coast. He decided to releases a wavy, acoustic style production and soundscape entitled “Twenty-Three” for his fans on SoundCloud. This track is all about self-discovery, as Brixx seems to inside of his own head trying to get a grasp on who he really is in this world and the purpose that he needs to be fulfilling. The hook of the song repeats “I just want to find out who I am”. You can’t get much more cut and dry than that but in the same breath Brixx really delivers the lyrics from the soul and you can feel the vibe through the singers tone loud and clear. This song was near and dear to him and I’m sure after you give it a listen you’ll have it on repeat all the same. Make sure you follow Brixx on SoundCloud if you want to hear more of his music. Trust me, there’s plenty more where it came from! Listen to “Twenty-Three” by Brixx now on Juss Russ Radio.