Brock - Hide It


Listen to Hide It by Brock on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer named Brock Westover. Recording under his name and moniker (Brock) and sharing his best new songs on to popular music streaming platforms like Soundcloud, he has surpassed 10K listens and has received a warm welcome to the platform. Brock is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter who writes and produces contemporary pop music mixed with r&b, electro-pop, and acoustic. For some, incorporating this many sounds is no easy feat, but for Brock its just another day in the studio considering the fact that the three genres have been influencing him since he began producing and songwriting at the age of 13. Brock was born in Mississippi and his love of early funk and contemporary r&b shines through his beat-centric and bass-heavy pop sound. 'Hide It', is his first official single and marks his debut after spending considerable amounts of time honing in on his craft and just getting better. You can stream new songs from Brock when you connect with him via his official Soundcloud page.


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