Brock - Parking Lot

Take a moment to listen to the song ‘Parking Lot’, by Brock on Juss Russ Radio. Brock is a super talented singer/songwriter who typically makes Pop-centric records that will blow you away. Born in Jackson, Mississippi but currently living in Los Angeles Brock continues to show the world and his growing fan base why he deserves to be mentioned among 2018's rising stars. 'Parking Lot' is the first release since Brock's debut EP release in 2017. The song was written nearly 2 years ago and had gone through multiple reiterations before it's current form. Brock sings about the middle ground from when a friend turns to a lover - the struggle in risking ruining a friendship for something more. The song is based off of a true story. Written by Brock and Misha Hercules. Produced by Misha Hercules. Mixed by Miki Tsutsumi. Mastered by Joe LaPorta.