Bryce Benson - M.O.E

Stop what you're doing and check out the song "M.O.E" by Bryce Benson on Juss Russ Radio. Bryce Benson is a muti-talented recording artist based in the United States. The song "M.O.E" is a record that is featured on the Bryce Benson mixtape titled "Lavender Dreams" and has a catchy sound to it which is why Bryce decided to highlight the track as a potential single release from the project. Bryce Benson shows off his abilities as a lyricist from Fort Worth, TX who already have had pretty good success breaking artists in to the industry. Texas tends to have that sound and has the potential to lead the music industry when it comes to innovating and creating new sounds. Don't sleep on this record or this artist!

Artist Sounds

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