Brycee - Vic Taught Me (Interlude)

Brycee Vic Taught Me Interlude

Listen and stream Vic Taught Me Interlude by Brycee on Juss Russ Radio. Brycee is an 18 year old rapper from the mid-west . Battling anxiety and heart conditions at an early age in adolescence, he used music and prescriptions drugs to take his mind away from things. Vic taught me is a song about that in a sense. Mixed with bars of satire this song talks about the use of prescription drugs , having sex with women and mistaking it for love, and also pays homage to Vic Mensa , Chicago artist who was a huge impact and influence on Brycee's rap career as well as his way of going about the business side in the music industry.  Learn more about the Vic Taught Me Interlude by Brycee on Artist Sounds.


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