Bryson Bmoney Jenkins x Money Money Money

Bryson Bmoney Jenkins

Stream Money, Money, Money by Bryson Bmoney Jenkins on Juss Russ Radio. Today I have the honor of introducing the Juss Russ Radio community to a very unique and exceptional talent in Bryson Bmoney Jenkins. Bryson is a standout Pop sensation currently putting in work in Atlanta, GA. Currently working under Warner Bros. record label as a writer, Bryson is also still on a journey to have his voice heard and to tell his own story. Earlier this month he released a new single titled "Money, Money, Money" on SoundCloud for free streaming. Only thing I can say, is that this guy is the complete package, from the sound, to the look, to the work ethic, he's destined for greatness. Follow Bryson Bmoney Jenkins on SoundCloud.