B.tru999 - Ultraviolet+++

Stream “Ultraviolet+++” by B.tru999 on Juss Russ Radio. B.tru999 has been on a mission early in 2019, staying consistent with his releases and revamping his marketing strategies to expose his work to the world. Now for those of you that aren’t familiar with this artist, B.tru999 is one of the more moody and atmospheric-driven Hip-Hop talents that we promote here at Juss Russ Radio. His sounds often come off as more melodic and meditative, versus being dowsed in 808-drums and throwback Rap and R&B samples that are impossible to clear. B.Tru999 keeps this vibe consistent as he unveils his new single entitled “Ultraviolet+++”, which released on SoundCloud nearly a week ago. This record showcases B.tru999 in his purest elements as he provides an ethereal soundscape for his listeners that is sure to take them to another world mentally. It’s no secret that in regards to Hip-Hop music there has been a major divide in the type of sounds that different generational groups deem as appropriate or real Hip-Hop. B.tru999 stands to produce a vibe that blends all of the elements that Hip-Hop fans from the old generation love, and new generation adore in order to create something unique to himself. Follow B.tru999 on SoundCloud now if you want to hear more of his music. Take a listen to “Ultraviolet+++” by B.tru999 on Juss Russ Radio.

Braxton Harshaw

Braxton Harshaw is a writer for Artist Sounds and has been writing since 2016.