Calvin DeShon - Billie

Take a listen to “Billie” by Calvin Deshon on Juss Russ Radio. Up and coming Hip-Hop talent Calvin DeShon decided to drop a new banger off on us and I’m stoked as hell to be telling you guys about it today. Now if you don’t know, Calvin Deshon has been on a mission since early 2018 as he has been constantly releasing new music and doing his thing on the marketing side of the game in order to keep his music in front of the right people and build his fan base. His new single “Billie” is definitely a strong enough single to not only keep this trend going but it could potentially be that record that really separates him from the pack in regards to the vast online independent Hip-Hop community. The record contains the infectious melodies and substance filled subject matter that puts him in a different conversation. Its one thing to be able to write a catchy record, but when you can write a catchy record that carries a message that resonates with a large audience of people…that’s when you’re working with something special and Calvin DeShon has the formula. Stream “Billie” now by the emcee on Juss Russ Radio.

Braxton Harshaw

Braxton Harshaw is a writer for Artist Sounds and has been writing since 2016.