Cash J-R - Dream State

Stream “Dream State” by Cash J-R on Juss Russ Radio. Cash J-R is an emerging Hip-Hop sensation that has been utilizing popular streaming platforms such as SoundCloud in order to convey his message and sound to the masses. After much consistency throughout the first half of 2019 the up and coming lyricist decided to drop a new single on via SoundCloud entitled “Dream State”. This record is one of Cash’s more introspective and philosophical tracks as he uses his intricate wordplay to express what life is like when you allow your dreams to lead your steps. He delivers this message in both a literal and figurative sense throughout the record, drawing perspectives out for the listener that ultimately make the song that much easier to relate too for his audience. Cash J-R wants his fans to know that it’s okay to have dreams, embrace your imaginative ambitions and formulate a plan to make a reality out of them. “Dream State” definitely conveys a message of inspiration for listeners as well, which has become the underlying them of all of Cash J-R’s tracks here lately. It’s important that we appreciate artists who still push for substance and look to put out a message that will effect the world in a positive considering the amount of music and content the media shoves in our faces our faces daily that contain none. Stream “Dream State” by Cash J-R now on Juss Russ Radio and be sure to follow the soon to be superstar on SoundCloud if you don’t already!