Casual D - Only One


Check out this new track called “Only One” by Casual D. Casual D was born in Straubing, Germany in the year of 1997, and is now shaking things up in the underground music scene.  "Only One" is a beautiful track dedicated to that special someone. It's always important to let your lover know what they mean to you. "Only One" has a pop symphony vibe that gives this song a vibrant presence.  By apologizing for his mistakes, opening his heart and telling his true feelings through a genuine song Casual D may never have to tell his significant other he's sorry again (lol). Compared to the rest of Casual’s music, he’s definitely stepping out of his comfort zone. Known for aggressive, dark music, Casual D brings a new vibe with this new track and the fans are loving it.  Click the link above I think you will too.