Chaboy dropped a new song called "KFM"

Chaboy checks in to our music blog with a dope new Hip Hop record called “KFM” on Juss Russ Radio. Based in Rhode Island; which isn’t necessarily known for it’s Hip Hop community is a young and talented artist on the rise with plenty of swagger and finesse. Chaboy has the talent and the sound to really change his situation and maybe even his life. The music industry is filled with opportunities — you just have to make yourself visible above all the noise. Being visible isn’t necessarily about the stream count. Of course you want more listens but reach and visibility grows as you grow. It takes time and it never happens overnight. Chaboy already knows this but he doesn’t care. He genuinely loves making music and whether he blows up or stays local he will be satisfied. This is certainly an artist worth listening to and getting more familiar with, just take our word for it!