ChairBoy - ILYWMBH (I Love You With My Bare Hands)

Take a listen to ILYWMBH by ChairBoy on Juss Russ Radio. ChairBoy makes his debut on to Juss Russ Radio with a melodic rap single. This song is the last song on the “Aquatic Singles Program EP” that has just released yesterday, and it carries the most meaning to me. In ILYWMBH (I love you with my bare hands) which is a reference to the choking kink some women will admit they enjoy, I reference a tough situation that is very hard for most to speak upon, your significant other getting snatched up by another person. Especially in a new relationship where both partners are both still getting used to one another’s actions and discovering each other’s true intentions, a lack of self confidence comes in to play which leads one to think about the what if’s. Like what if she finds someone better than me? What if the perfect dream girl I’ve asked the universe for walks in my life just to walk back out because she found better? It’s a scary situation to think about that also has to do with building trust around a fresh relationship to the point where you aren’t giving the negative situations any time of day because you know your partner is here to stay. Stream more right now on SoundCloud.

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