Charlie Giesler - Wildfire (Electronic Remix)

Take a listen to the song "Wildfire" by Charlie Giesler on Juss Russ Radio. The song "Wildfire" was originally written and performed by Slow Magic - Charlie Giesler brings us a trendy electronic remix to the track. Charlie Giesler has the right idea and is combining that idea with the right method to with Electronic music fans everywhere. Sharing his most popular remixes to popular industry titles, Charlie has been able to not only showcase his creativity but he is also proving he should be considered an elite producer. In this song "Slow Magic" remix he gives you just enough of his creativity without taking away from the song and its appealing enough on the ears to be found pleasant by non-EDM fans as well. As of right now Charlie Giesler has about 7 tracks uploaded on SoundCloud and you can stream them for free now.

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