Charlie Grover - Bullshyt

Take a moment to listen to the song ‘Bullshyt’ by Charlie Grover on Juss Russ Radio. Charlie Grover is an incredibly talented rapper making a name for himself out of Colorado. According to the artist: No, my real name isn’t Charlie Grover but I picked it because of two reasons. 1) it’s the same initials as my main influence Childish Gambino and 2) it’s a nice and easy name. No disrespect to the ones in the game but I didn’t want to be another “young” or “Lil”. I wanted to be Unique but not over the top with my name and thus Charlie Grover was born. I’m a military brat so I’ve lived in a few places but the ones that really stuck with me were my time in Columbus,Georgia; Bavaria, Germany; and here in Parker, Colorado; and my songs are a combination of everything I’ve experienced during my times in different states and countries.I’ve been rapping for years but I never uploaded anything mainly because I thought I wasn’t good enough and was brainwashed that being a “SoundCloud Rapper” was a bad thing. But, after encouragement from both friends and strangers I uploaded a song and then another one and another one and now I fully embrace being a SoundCloud Rapper. When I first started I never expected anything more than a few places here and there but after being in it for a half a year I want to expand my reach to new listeners. For me, the true pay off is having people I don’t know tell me stuff like “ hey your song is really good” and “man you need to keep doing this because you have like xxl potential.” It really is an amazing feeling to create soemthing and have people connect with it. Every song I make is soemthing that I treat as part of my family. It’s not just a piece of music but an extension of myself and I want people to really hear that in the songs. Follow Charlie on SoundCloud.