Chase Heinze - FUFN

Chase Heinze

Check out FUFN by Chase Heinze on Juss Russ Radio! Chase Heinze is a passionate RnB artist making a name for himself from Santa Ana, California. Chase Heinze is no stranger to the music industry, he is consistently dropping new releases that are ear pleasing as well as audience grabbing. When Chase was 13 he started writing poetry and developed a huge passion which is not surprising due to the fact that his mother also wrote. When he turned 18 he began recording his vocals on the popular program for Mac computers called Garageband. As he developed and honed in on his craft he purchased more sophisticated equipment. Growing up he was influenced by Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Avant and Ginuwine as well as many others. Chase wants to be a role model for the small town kids growing up in tough situations. His message, anyone can pursue a dream no matter how far fetched it may seem. Work hard and achieve your dreams. This song FUFN is about a period in time when things were not going so well. You feel like no matter where you turn you can not trust anyone, even perhaps family. Things are just bad. No worries though because is it just for now. Things always change. To hear more from Chase, give this song a like and be sure to head over to Soundcloud to stay up to date with his latest drops.